Our suppliers offers technical garment with a lot of functional details. Choose the garment and material that best fit your needs. With the right equipment working together is easy come storm or calm, rain or shine.

BREATHABLE - This is a material that both breathes and releases moisture. A soft and flexible material that can be washed many times without losing its shape and function.
COOLDRY - This is a material that both breathes and releases moisture. Cooldry also stands out because of its quick-drying nature, ensuring a feeling of freshness even during physical exertion.
SOFTSHELL - Softshell is a modern material that provides optimal freedom of movement. The material is wind and waterproof with good breathability. Softshell is a soft and stretchable 3-layer laminate, a material that dries very rapidly.
32 DEGREES - Garment made of PCM (Phase Change Material). Due to the unique microcapsules in the fabric construction a 32 C temperature can be obtained inside the garment no matter the outside temperature.
WIND & WATERPROOF & BREATHABLE - These three functions are found in most outer garments, which have a special coating or membran on the inside of the outermost layer that stops water and wind while allowing the material to breath.
WIND & WATER REPELLENT & BREATHABLE - By applying this method, a windproof with a water repellent surface is obtained. This can be done chemiccally or through weaving technologies in the material.

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